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Our site also has links to usefull articles and resources on various money making schemes and credit card companies' behavior and policies and many  more topics. They can prove very helpful and provide some very useful and powerful ideas as to the advisable approach for consumers and business persons. Some of the topics are listed below:

Direct Buy Schemes

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Insight into the Tax Structure


I will keep adding artiles on these and manay more topics. Please check this website often and then check it again. You are bound to come away with something useful no matter how small and you will not have paid anything for it. They all want money for ideas. But on this website I give them all to you for nothing and for good. So take take whatever you can. You are encourageed.

There are many specials from time to time. Please look for oppotunities to save your money while shopping.

          All this and more will be here and we will constantly update it to show you evolving new schemes that you should be aware of, and their pitfalls and benefits, if any.


Featured Items
3m High Speed HDMI® with Ethernet Cable (9.84ft) #40305
3m High Speed HDMI® with Ethernet Cable (9.84ft)
$10.47  $9.85
In Stock!
 New MIT 12x16 Tarp Cover #6330
Tarp cover for hundreds of uses.
$12.67  $10.75
In Stock!
9X12 Silver Double Ply Tarp
9X12 Double Ply Silver Tarp. Hundreds of Uses.
In Stock!
AC/DC Adapter UL Model # ZPP300800000
AC/DC Adapter Class 2 Power Unit
$19.95  $0.00
Class 2 Trsansformr
AC to DC Adapter
$25.95  $17.95
In Stock!
New MIT 8x10 Tarp Cover #6295
Tarp cover for hundreds of uses.
In Stock!
Direct Plug-in Class 2 Transformer
Direct Plug-in Class 2 Transformer.
$19.95  $16.95
In Stock!
For Hire: Rob Lowe, Joe Mantegna
For Hire, DVD
For Hire DVD Rob Lowe, Joe Mantegna Every man has his price! Previously Viewed.
In Stock!
AC /DC Adapter
Remote controlled Power Supply. For use with Model ZC15A.
$19.95  $15.95
In Stock!
15X30 Double Ply Silver Tarp. Hundreds of Uses.
In Stock!
A/C Adaptor
Model Number : UD4818140040TC Toy Transformer
$19.89  $15.95
In Stock!
Class 2 Battery Chgarger
Input 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz 0.15 A Out put 11.4 Vdc 220 mA Picture may not be the actual item
In Stock!
New Tekton 12' x 12' Tarp #6328
12' x 12' Tarp
In Stock!
HTC G2 T-Mobile Phone with case in very good condition. No charger! Contract phone. Ready to activate. Comes with a DE Luxe phone case.
In Stock!
Polaroid AC Adapter
$24.95  $19.95
20X20 Silver Double Ply Tarp
20X20 Double Ply Silver Tarp. Hundreds of Uses.
In Stock!
Class 2 Power Supply
Input 120 V 60 Hz 18 W Out put 4.5 Vdc 600 mA Picture may not be the actual item.
In Stock!
myACT Switching Power Supply
myACT Switching Power Supply
$19.95  $17.95
In Stock!
New MIT 18" Wrecking Bar Flat Ripping, Pulling
See detailed description
$6.50  $4.97
In Stock!
Class 2 Transformer
AC/AC Adapter Class 2 Power Unit
$19.95  $14.95
In Stock!
Siddhartha in Cosmic Consciousness
What you can achieve if you knew your potential as Siddhartha did!
$1,990.00  $1,798.00
In Stock!
10X16 Tarp Cover
Tarp cover for hundreds of uses.
$9.95  $8.95
In Stock!
Class 2 Battery Chgarger
Class 2 Battery Charger
$29.95  $24.95
In Stock!
AC/DC Adapter
AC Adapter Class 2 Power Unit
$19.95  $13.95
New Mit 10x10 Tarp Cover
Tarp cover for hundreds of uses. Ships to all states.
In Stock!
Class 2 Battery Chgarger
Class 2 Battery Charger
$29.95  $24.95
In Stock!
3 DVD's with 9 Movies: Romantic Movie Favorites
Romantic Movie Favorites
9 Movies on 3 DVD's Brand New.
In Stock!
20x40 Tarp Cover
Tarp cover for hundreds of uses.
$49.95  $39.90
In Stock!
Very Large Silver Double Duty Double PlyTarp/Cover 40X60
Very Large Silver Double Duty Double PlyTarp/Cover 40X60 Picture may not be of the actual item!
$495.00  $295.00
In Stock!
AC Adapter P/N 5102767-03
AC to AC Adapter Class 2 Power Supply
$19.95  $15.95
In Stock!
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