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Prices are quite low, and the products are of the same quality, if not better than what you would buy at stores such as Menards, Home Depot, or Lowe's. The service is prompt, and there is no minimum order.


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Please note that at this time we cannot send items abroad. If you need to purcahse an item please provide a US address. We have had shipping complications in the past. We are very sorry for this!


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You can use your Papal account for all payments. If you need to use a credit card, please use the Paypal option, create a paypal account and then use the credit card of your choice. It is nice to have a Paypal account anyway since you can use it for all internet buying and is very safe and economical. I myself use it all the time for all my purcahses online.


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If you do not want any hassles online, you can always call the number given below and simply provide the part# for the item you need and I will take your purchase order and card information right over the phone and will release the item the same day. Give this a try today and please provide a validated US address for shipping. 




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Category List
All items that can ship immediately. Items are not in any order.
These are our closeouts at the current time. These will be changing as the inventories go through their changes. These are ideal for small sores and other dealers, re-sellers and Flea Marketers. Please call to check availability, (651)251-8705.
All items related to computers and computing or displaying devcices and all network acessories, cables, switches and other related items.
Includes all voltage devices and gadgets.
This is where you will find some real good deals on electronics items that you are going to need at one time or another.
Covering accessories of all description.
Technology tidbits that you may be able to use if you have a small business or even if you don't.
This is a tools website but I played a lot of tennis and worked with very talented coaches and I thougth I would ad a few words here.
This includes gadgets of all sizes,tupes,discription and color. Real interesting stuff. You could save a lot of money and enjoy a lot of successes.
Items left over from clearance sales. Priced to MOVE. Great buys!
Buy tools at a discounted wholesale price!
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