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Money Making Schemes

Money Making Schemes

A money making schemes shall be defined here as a plan (usually using the internet) to market an item or service that you did not produce or create but are the agency that is promoting it. Typically, it is promised that there are no up front costs or very minor ones. Also it may be promised that there is no selling of anything involved. I will also include in this category, many direct marketing or email marketiung schemes.

These plans are fully reviewed and analysed under the relevant dropdown menu item from the home page or you can get there form here. Many caveats are presented to show you that, all is not well with these schemes. I will also show you which ones do have some merit. I will also show you many safe schemes of my own that you can build (because they are not mine) on on your own and get somewhere like i am trying myself. I will also look at the fundamental problem with all of them and how to get around that.

This is where various money making schemes will be examined as I come across them.


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