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The logic behind Traffic laws!

 1.   Those white spots every so often, I think they are for marking spaces for the areas where these things called cars are to stay within. You see if you keep going beyond these lines you may bang into another car. I do not think that is a good idea, not to speak of the fines you may get. I think it is the right idea to keep within those white spots since they are pretty wide and your car can stay within those pretty easy. Not much effort needed to keep your car within those lines since when the car is in motion it is pretty easy to move it around with just a little motion of the steering wheel. You see, it is not like you have to physically lift the car and keep it within those lines. That would indeed be hard.


2.   When you are coming down the ramp to get on to a highway, typically there is a solid white line to your right with a fairly large area beyond. I think that area is for some other things or vehicles. You are supposed to stay to the left of it in your clearly marked lane. This is because if it were not, then you would be able to drive in that area and then in that case it would be easier for you to go into the ditch (there is usually a ditch beyond the solid white line to your right) unless that was what you were trying to do, in the first place. You see, if the objective is to go into the ditch on your right it would be harder to do so if you were actually driving on the lane to the left of the sold white line. You would have to cross a larger and wider area to get into the ditch. Also, I do not think it is a good idea to pass the other driver on the right since he may be trying to go into the ditch also like you are and so he/she may run into you and you will be interrupting this noble wish that he/she trying so hard to fulfill. Probably has been practicing that. Not a good idea. And I think it would be an even worse idea to pass him or her on their left since they may actually be interested in getting onto the highway unlike the other ones seeking to go into the ditch. In this case you will end up running into them since you two will be on a collision course. So that is not a good idea either. Worse yet it is not a good idea since you two will end up driving parallel to each other and then since you two both are geniuses and always right without a single exception, the net result is going to be that you two may end up arguing and hurling what they call 'obscenities' at each other and making other unsightly gestures. Bad idea. I think it might be simpler to just stay behind the car in front of you and also to stay away from the sold line on your right since there might actually be some logic behind it. I think that area may be for emergency vehicles for when your attempt to go into a ditch is actually fulfilled or something like that. I personally think that it might be safer to just follow the car ahead of you unless you have some other priority that I am not aware of.

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3.   Another prominent part of the traffic rules is the speed limit. The speed limit rule was invented because some time back they must have done some research as to the advantages and disadvantages of driving at high and low speeds or indeed at any speed. The speed limit is typically 30 MPH in the cities. That may have something to do with the fact that children or other persons may all of a sudden try to cross the street and an oncoming car may run into them. The argument is that if the car is at about 30 MPH it might be easier to stop it as compared to if it was going at 40 or 50 miles an hour. I personally think there are not many children or people crossing the roads these days that will pose a danger. It is just that a high speed car going through populated streets, houses and other structures may appear to be somewhat rude and insulting to the city in question. I do not quite know the reason for 30 mph in the city (there may be some school on the way too) but a car speeding at high speed through the city may actually be increasing the noise level in the city also. I think that is why they relax the speed limit rule in remote or less populated areas. In any case the speed rule may actually be a good idea. But unfortunately, when one orthodoxy is established it is followed without question and faithfully by the 'faithful' even after the usefulness of the orthodoxy is not relevant or expressly not even required.


30 MPH speed is followed by the faithful even in areas where its not relevant. I do not think it is necessary to follow the speed limit on a ramp that is leading into a highway where the speed limit might be 55 or higher. As far as I can see the ramps do not have a posted speed signs and I have seen most of them actually land you into a higher speed zone. So if you are the faithful and following a limit of 30 on an entrance ramp you will soon be on a road where the speed limit is higher and then you will find yourself among followers of another orthodoxy. These people are actually faithfully following the posted higher speed limit signs. So you see there is a real problem here since they are following a higher limit of another orthodoxy and you are following another orthodoxy and they will approach your car a lot sooner by the simple laws of physics and your car may actually be hit by their car. The result may be unfortunate since both are 'faithfull' and the simple victims of the lack of use of their respective faculties that were given to them for free, fully. I think the collision may actually be the result of a mutual fear and distrust which is often the case in many situations even other than traffic. Let us examine that a little more closely. Let us say, I am arriving through the ramp and you are on the high speed road already. I am driving 30 MPH on the ramp and in the comfort zone of 30MPH since I am used to it and feel safe that way. But you are on the highway and you are anxious to follow your orthodoxy and in fact you may actually be trying to think that you are achieving more ( of whatever you are trying to achieve ) if you went really fast. You see you might be under the impression that you actually need to get ahead and have to be smarter and more with-it than others. So it might be actually OK to cheat a little since it may not actually hurt someone and is only a small abuse of the system. After all, no one is bleeding yet!. So basically one guy is comfortable in his/her own low orthodoxy and the other guy is over confident in his/her own over orthodoxy. The net result is going to be disaster. It does not have to be complicated. All we need to realize is that it might be that there is a reason why there is no speed limit on the entrance ramps. May be the ramp is provided so that you match the speed of the impatient people already on the road and remember that when you do finally get there on the high speed road you are going to be in the clutches of the new orthodoxy pretty soon also and then you will be breaking the speed barriers and will have all kind of arguments to justify that action of yours. This is a simple consequence of what I call the eternal fight between the 'progressive" and 'reactionary' side of our bodio/psychological setup ( it is OK, I coined the 'bodio/psychological'. No violence intended and again no one is bleeding yet) and in fact I think the ramp was provided so that the car can get to up to the high speed since the laws of physics do not allow the speed to go from one limit to another limit instantaneously. May be that is why they are provided to accelerate the speed and not just out of respect to Newton.

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So based on this highly scientific and deductive analysis (and not empirical. since statistics and numbers can be manipulated in all kinds of ways to 'show' whatever you want to show by using exclusions/additions and 'definitions'. I do not trust empirical studies ) I would say it may be a lot harder for the higher orthodoxy people to come out of their reactionary shell than it is for the lower orthodoxy persons to wake up from their progressive phase and so it might be safer for you to look behind you and in front of you and see the cars ahead and behind and make a decision as to which car you are going to go behind and in front of which car. You will accordingly have to accelerate the speed ( remember we already determined that the ramp is provided for acceleration and not out of respect for Newton but out of respect for his laws of motion, see supra) and you do have the instrumentation provided in the car for that purpose. 'Above all' you may want to avoid coming on to the highway at 30 miles per hour since that may be fraught with danger to your health. In fact, it is worse than any danger posed by smoking or cholesterol. So basically you need to plan your entry to a higher speed orthodoxy. By the way, if you do not plan this process properly you may also be 'honked' at besides the danger I talked about.

I said, 'above all'. I take that back. There is another 'above all'. Above all you want to avoid not planning, since you may actually end up driving side by side your brother/sister and you or he or she may be side swapping each other which is OK since we have enough money to get the cars repaired not to mention the insurance that we carry. But what is not OK is that you will not like having to go to court and having your driver's license nicked which will cause you severe pain since I know the 2 things that are going to cause the most grief is loss of your mobility and the loss of your phone. So you decide.

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AppliancePartsPros.com, Inc. AppliancePartsPros.com, Inc. AppliancePartsPros.com, Inc.

If you are not going to speed up properly and decide which car you are going to go ahead of and which one to go after, in other words if you are really lethargic, I suggest that you do not do any planing but at least look behind when entering the high speed zone so you do not cause discomfort to others since I think it is legal or OK to cause discomfort to yourself. You can cause that discomfort by backing into a wall too. It will have the same effect as not looking back on the highway that you are entering. I think we still have that freedom since we have lost so many others already and losing more each day.

May be all this is very unpalatable. I understand that. Ok, lets us not do any of this. Let us not look back and no planning for entry, no accelration, no nothing. But can you turn your turn signal on? That does not involve any plnning or any looking or anything or any Newton. There is just this lever in your car and you just turn a signal ON on down and OFF on up. It even clicks to let you know that you used it and it turns on a light on the left or right side of your car. You do not need to worry about which side or whether in the front or back. Just push the lever down to go left and right to go right. I do realize that is a sifnificant draw on your psycho/chronological resources of you mind and body but it is not a significant draw and certaily less than the coffee or other vcices that we all have is doing to us. And it may actually be good for your welbeing, that is if you are interested in that. So the bottom line is that let us at least turn the signla on even if we are not going to do no looking and are going to be oblivious to the need and desires of some one else. It is OK they will adjust to that and will appreciate the signal.

You might think this is funny. NO, I have in one articale captured he spirit of all of the laws of traffic in such a neat way. I bet you did not look at it that way! No one could or would do better! It basically points out the flippant way we look at the traffic laws and indeed any laws and end up paying the price and learning afterwards! The wise learn before and not afterwards. Because you have no choice but to learn afterwards. There is noting surprising or recondite about it, then.



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