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A note for the Web Developers

A Note for Web Developers

Dear Developer,


I know you are hungry and looking for something to eat. Here, I will help you!

I know you are over filled with your knowledge of the web and web development tools. Because it is so easy to just sit in your arm chair and in front of your computer and move your mouse around on the 5th and 6th generation programming techniques developed by Microsoft and other developers. I also know how easy these new development tools are. You just select and integrate pre-existing program modules into a coherent design via structured programming statements. It is so simple and yet produces such impressvie results that you feel a lot of power and think you now have a skill mastered and would be able to generate unlimited amounts of money!

Ah, but that is not how it works. There are many other persons moving their mouse around also and there are software houses that do this all day for the big guys. So, unless you have a hard skill in your hands you will be bumming and the mousing and web design knowlege isn't going to get you anywhere. There are milions of these software houses in Pakistan, India and Russia to name just a few. So I suggest that you get an actual hard skill in your hands so you don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.

A hard skill is as follows, among other things:

  1. an electrician
  2. a plumber
  3. a carpenter
  4. a laborer
  5. a machinist
  6. an electrical engineer 

You got the idea! The soft skill that you have is not going to be something you can count on since the technology wil be changed and you will be learning new mousing around! In fact, your soft skills will be irrelevant in just a couple of years if not sooner. But you are still going to need a plumber! Yours is just a soft skill and anyone can do that. But not any one can be a plumber or an HVAC tech or a fire alarm tech. Those are hard skills and require serious training. 

But at his point I don't think you can go and get a hard skill. So, I suggest this: You can buy or lease a van or trcuk and make deliveries all day for Amazon or Fed Ex and if you are lucky you can make about $150.00 per day. That is food on the table and then some. But it is regular money compared to your sales pitches that may not yield anything for months or weeks at a time. I think you got this idea also!

The upshot is that if you do go and get a hard skill then you won't have to be pitching small business owners like me and bother the life out of them!

So basically what I am saying is that if you could just stay away from my little website, it would be a great favor. No pitching please! Remember pitching is only done by the hungry and the ones with soft skills. People with hard skills can't handle the business that can come their way.They have a whole another set of problems and pitching others is not one of them!

Please, please , no pitching and no TESTIMONIALS...!  I know all about them!

I do thank you.


This is a note for the so-called web developers, SEO and Web Design/ Modernization experts.


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