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Real Estate Schemes

As yo can expect tere are practically hundreds of real estate shemes designed an other related schems. It is impossibleto examine all of them butI will try to categorise them for you so that yo cn recognise them whenyou come accress them and hopefylly can avoidthem.

But first let me show what all of these schemes are going to have in comon.

the fundamental assumption seems to be that somehow yu can buy real estate cheap and sell it high and make big profits. this seems to be the underlying theme. This rgument seems to make escpeial sense when the ral estate is down since you can buy it cheap. BUt when the market it not so down hey will vary it to say that they techniques that will work in any market. Not it s not impossible to buy eal esate low and sell it high after mking some cosmetic improvemnts. Andactually it is possble that some people could actually do it. But hen it is just like any other work. there are no exceptional profits and it is just like any other business that you can do normally. You may choose to do that and make that your calling and ther is nothig wrong in it. But then it is just like any business and will hae its own ups and downs and hassles and victories and failures. ther will be nothing "quick" and "fabupous" about it. Butthe problems comes into full focus when some one thought that why bother with the buyind, renovaing and selling sequence. EWhy not just tell othres to do that for a fee and other charges. And as you can see now the whole thing turns very quietly into a scam. It is a scam because not all people can follow these "easy" and "Step by step" and make "big profits" since people are dierent and have diferent mental and physical capacities.You see the scammers tingk of quick profits and that they can do by selling a cheme rather than actually doing it since taht is a lot of work in reality.  



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