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Time Share Schemes

This is by now a multibilion industry.the basic idea is this: you buy x number of poi'nts

The following are a few examples of constant problems that are accepted as NORMAL by the user and the site operators:

1.    Points that are defined as alarm points that really do not need to be alarm points at all and yet cause constant alarms. The users are simply acknowledging them.

2.    Graphic shows ON or OPEN when the fan is actually OFF or the valve is actually CLOSED. The workaround is a change on the graphic in the form of a note warning users as to what OPEN or CLOSED really mean such as HEAT is ON or OFF.

3.    The fan or other start/stop devices are not working properly as lead/lag devices as they were supposed to. The user may be selecting the lead or lag fan manully or worse yet, one fan may be wearing out way more than the other.


4.    There are some grim ones too. If your processes are using PID controls then the processes may not be using the right tuning parameters. This could be costing a lot of money going down the drain.

5.    The fans or other start/stop devices may not have the right schedules or the schedules provided may not be adjustable via operator screens and hence may require programming changes.

.....The list goes on.

Typically to address such problems someone from the customer site at a high level has to scale the proper channel of the provide from one side and up the ladder to the operations manger and then down the ladder on the other side to the technician who typically canot solve the problem since it may requires an engineering change. So there is then another detour from the technicaian back up to service manager and then back to the engineer on site who by now is working on another project and does not know anyhting about this one or worse yer does not want to deal with it! Sad, but true in at least many cases. What do you do?

Call CITS immediatly and get your solution in Short Order and also have each and every problem addressed no matter how small or large, significant or insignificant and also get a mechanism to address such problems routinely in the future.

Remember the magic number $1290.00 and the phoine number (651)442-9044.


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