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Money Making Schemes

A money making scheme shall be defined here as a plan (usually using the internet) to market an item or service that you did not produce or create but are the agency that is promoting it. Typically, it is promised that there are no up front costs or very minor ones. Also it may be promised that there is no selling of anything involved. There are many types of money making schemes such as direct marketing or email marketiung schemes etc. But in this articale here I will concentrate on the moneymaking schemes that use or involve the use of internet. These other plans are fully reviewed and analysed under the relevant dropdown menu items from the home page or you can get there form here.

Direct Buy Schemes

Real Estate Schemes

Internet Auction Schemes

Time Share Schemes

Many caveats are presented to show you that, all is not well with these schemes. We will also show you which ones do have some merit. We will also talk about many safe schemes that you can build on, on your own. We are also going to look at the fundamental problem with all of them and how to get around that.

Needless to say that I cannot review all of the internet schemes here since they keep  comimg out with new ones but I will try to keep addressing them here as I become aware of them.

Let's address the fundamental problem with most of these schemes that I just mentioned. This affects almost all of these internet shemes.

The Fundamental Problem -  All cannot be sellers!

Most schemes involve selling somehting and selling involves some effort. The most common idea is that the products of other manufacturers should be made available on some website (yours or theirs or a provided one) and you are supposed to send traffic to those websites and as and when some sales occur through your websites or through your account or through your publishing efforts, you are supposed to get some commission dollars. It is usually portrayed that it is possible to make any dollar amount and that it is so easy that only say, a couple of hours a day can produce major results. That, anybody and everybody can do this. This raises some pretty troubling questions. But before we discuss these troubling questions, we will dwell on the fundamental problem. You can then apply this analysis to any scheme that comes your way and save yourself some time and effort.

1. The fundamental problem is this: There is only a finite number of companies and persons that are actually engaged in an actual production activity like contractors, manufacturers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers and many large companies. There are over 300 milion Americans. If everybody is just selling somebody's product in one way or another without actually participating in the producntion effort, then who is buying in the final analysis? It reminds me of the time when I worked in the corporate world. If evcerybody is gathered around the "water cooler" and discussing who is rising and who is falling (in the corporate world) and what the new director or manager is "like" and what he "wants" to do, who is doing the actual work that we just talked about in the ever changing plan X that we just hammered out in the last meeting? The answer: Just I, in my computer lab, oblivious to the happenings around me!

The point is, you must produce something also and if you are jsut selling, not many are going to be successful. All are not going to have wherewithall both mentaland physical to succeed and so there will be unhappiness. In fact, you will be told in scheme after scheme that all you have to do is to promote your own or somebody else' website and the money will be rolling in. But directing traffic to your webite or any other takes money and a lot of effort. And here is the crux of the matter. They want you to spend your money to do the advertising so that they do not have to. Indeed they will even give you mathematical formulas like you spend X number of dollars and you get Y numnber of impressions and automically you will get Z number of clicks and then you will be shown a conversion rate C! Some people may actually be able to do that but remember it will require time, effort and money and then you wonder what is special about this. That is the case with any money making scheme or even working for somebody or with anything. Then what is special about this scheme? The point is that anything is going to work but it take an effort and work and money but hen we knew that already!  But what is wrong with the scheme? Simply the law of diminishing returns. In plane English, each new-comer and get-rich-quick schemer will be making his/her return at a decreasing rate until no new people are interested in the relevant scheme. If that was not the case we would all be selling and not producing and that cannot go on. If all of us 300 million Americans are selling something and not producing then what are they selling, since no one is manufacturing anything or servicing anything. In fact, that is happening a lot. There are less and less industries supported or engaged in by us vis-a-vis the rest of the world and many industires have already died. I predict that the next major industry we we will lose is the automobile industry just as we lost the electronics, textiles, steel and many others. This is because of complex changes in the cost structures in the world and cannot be discussed here. May be I will discuss tha later. Suffice it to say that there are sever problems of adjusment ahead for the world economy and in the process the US and Western Economies will have sever "setbacks" (they are having them already!). But remember a "setback" here is used to mean a type of adjustment and not just "death" of something.

Conclusion. There must be a critical number of manufacturers of goods and services. All canot be salesmen. Hence, all schemes of selling somehing are going to fade after a certain limit and hence most will be losing their money. How many people win in a casino on a given night and how many lose? The important point to remember is that what do you want to be? I prefer safety.

Example 1. How many people on Ebay are really making any money? I bet it is just the joy of selling that brings such a psychologicval reward, that is keeping the Ebay and the ebayers going. Most of the vendors on Ebay are probably working for about a $1.00 an hour if they take into account the horrendous amount of time invested, the dealings and hassles with the post office/UPS, the international shipping charges/problems, the answering of the questions, steep Ebay fees and a hefty charge for just about everything and the Paypal fees. To top it, all the competition is so cut throat, I would not be surprised if you are not making even 50 cents an hour! That is not going to pay your rent, not to speak of the county property tax and the unemployment taxes, if you have employees. 


One quick but not so scientific method to guage a schemes' worth is this. If the scheme promoter is using late night half-hour TV shows to promote his scheme then simply watch how long he/she can sustain this TV campaign. Chances are they cannot continue too long and that would be your indication as to how good the scheme is. I said it was not a scientific test.

One such show was that of MR. Anthony Morrison. His scheme is actually pretty good but the minute you buy the scheme which has a cheap price ( a sales technique, by the way, and I know you know about it) but then they follow up with some pretty pricy schemes to get you "going". The other problem was that the "free" website that you got was not that "extensive" (see infra) and hence you could not honestly promote it. It is just a formula website with a large part of the screen empty on the home page. I cannot imagine anybody buying anything there! Certainly not me. And most of the links said "offer not available". You would think that if your were selling something then you would actually bother to have some stock on it. I see many sites that give a neat description of the item(s) and a good pricture and a very attractive price but the item is out of stock! On my websites (check this one or citshoneywellparts.com) the item is not only listed with a picture and has a reasonable price but I actually do have it. And when I do not have it, I sell it for "free" unlike the others. I sure hope you are following all this. I do not think you can really make much headway with this scheme. I would not recommend it.

Another schemer was selling Ebay "Auctions for Income" plan. I mentioned earlier the problems with ebay selling. I am not sure why you need this plan when ebay has extensive help and guidance built in their system already. It is just a matter of time before you can find a good way to present and sell your products. You do not need this scheme. If you do not believe this then you will be sending someone laughing all the way to the bank and that won't be you either.  

So in the following discussion we will use this fundamental principle to test every one of these schemes so that we can save ourselves some time, effort and money and even embarrassment. 

So let's begin.

1.   Internet marketing Schemes

This is by far the biggest scheme out there. There are many varieties of it.

1.1 You may be given a free website and then you are supposed to drive traffic to it so that somebody buys someything. That is supposeed to bring you some commission. There will be charges for the website and there may even be a hosting fee. In fact, the website given to you will probably be halfway decent or even really good to which you really could drive traffic.  Then there will certainly be charges and many fees. In fact get ready to recurring fees. In fact, the whole idea is to get you to pay recurring fees since then they get a predictable income whether you make anyhtingor not. A lot of help will be offered. Also remembert that there may be a learning curve to deal with too and that is a cost. Unless you have a lot of money you will get (rightfully) disillusioned pretty soon, if not immediately. My experience is that the website provided will look pretty decent and will be professionaly done but it is is not going  to be a website of any major nature and many links may be "oopsed" out or not available currently. I mean, it is not going to be say, website like wallmart.com that is selling milions per day and is an "Extensive Website". In fact let me ask you this. If the website that they gave you was so great and was pulling like the wallmart.com why would they even get you involved. Wall mart already has their own affiliate network! So remember the website that is going to succeed is not just a good looking website and a logically complete website. To succeed, a website must be extensive. It does not have to be pretty. it must be extensive and must have tremendous offerings and links. the ones you are going to be dealing with are not going to be anyhting like that. I have been trying to get one like that for years and do not have it. It takes profesional programmers and a lot of money. I don't have it. There, I saved you a lot of money already. Stay away from these schemes.

Stay tuned. I will be back.

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