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In this day and age chances are that you ar going to come to grips with a computer at some point or other. There is no avoiding this. You may or may not like computers or you may have some fear or something. I do not know. But In this articale I am goint to show how simple a computer is or any computing device really is. Instead, you and your brain and your personality are immensely more complicated. Indeed there is no comparison. The purpose, of course is to show you how to do your own computing. I know you must think, that is not popssible in this and age when the computing scene seems to be so vast and involved.

But there are those of us that work with computers day in and day out and there are those thatt write complicated programs for a living. However, even these folks will benefit from this article since it has a new and fresh way of looking at anything. In fact, this way of looking at things will show you what your capabilities really are and how over-rated some of the people actually are since we did not look at them and their work more scientifically. Please, this does not mean we are trying to belittle anything or anybody. We are simply saying that there is not really anybody that has found or will find anything for a while and that is frightening. In this article I will be developing this argument  but please don't begin to abuse it in facets of your or other people's life. The idea is to find our own independence and capabilites and not to belittle what others have or will find.

To get to the computeres I will have to develop my fundamental argument first. However this is so involved that it may be difficult to see it or worse yet, difficult to swallow it. But remember I am only trying to present an argument and not to convince anybody or anything else. As the ancient persian saying goes "One should look at What one is saying and not WHO is saying it". Please don't confuse it with the western cliche "Don't kill the messenger". The two are quite unrelated and distinct.

Remark 1

It is a good thing to get this fundamental argument or what I call the principl;e of knowledge out of the way since it has far reaching application and consequences and this way it can be referenced whenever we need ot without having to develop it again and again. Remember, I do not read much of anything and will not be quoting any authorities and ther is going to be no bibnliograsphy at the end either. I draw on nothing. No one should, or should have to,  in my opinion. This should not lead to any negative implications. They are not the natural consequences of this principle, as I should say one may think or you may think. But that is another argument and I will not be working on that here. May be elsewhere. On wards and upwards.

Remark 2

Since I am writing articles that hopefully might help somebody or anybody, I am also adding links throughout the text. You can investigate these links if you like. Most of these links I use myself since I work with computers and technology almost everyday. But of course, my other intersts are in the deeper meanings of life and other very serious subjects as you can see here.

The Fundamental Principle of Knowledge

I will start with some questions. then I am going to attempt to make some answers. Then, I am going to show that there is no answer at this time that at least I am intersted in. I will then show that there some less than satisfying answers are available if we make some fundamental assumptions. I am sure all this is not making anysense at all. But if you will hang on and give me a little lee way, everytrhig will fall in place. So let's get to the questions I talked about.

American Express Travel 

I can start with many many questions (indeed there are innumerable ones) but let's start with something medical but remember the phenomenon exists in all places and everyehere.

What causes the common cold? You say, that is simple. It is caused by a virus or germ and then you may read me a long word derived from some Greek or Latin word(s) and twisted and turned and pronounced in different way or time and even tinkered purposefully and created form some Latin or Greek roots. I am sure that sounds very scholarly when you tell me that and pronounce that as the cause. But do we hear ourselves when we say that?

So what

you do is that you listen to your local TV/Rasio or teh familthey cally doctor/friend and take what they call Flu sthe hots and then you think you will neverget the flue now! How Naive. Does your doctor or any doctor really know that the flu or cold is caused by germs or viruses? May be he knows.But let me demolish this and all other theories of knowledge.

If the the germ or virus caused the cold or flu thenl they cal how come all do not get it? ndeed the doctor says that it is tranferable of what call 'catchy'. If you come into contact with the person that has the cold yu will also get it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If that was true we would all get flu in the whol world but therare people taht are right in the middle of thepeople with tthe flue or cold and they nevr get it. In fact I ha e an een more troublesome question. Why did anybody get the cold or flu in thes of what I  first place so that they are now transferring it now to oters? I know you and the doctors have all kinds othe virus alreasf what I call plausibilities: because everybod y has tthat it surfaces he virus already but that it surfaces when one is "tired" or week or it depends on the "exposure" and all the degree of it. But hese are all examples of plausibilites and not answers. to do thagt I will show you what I mean when I say I "know" someting. We may all be dead in the morning or may kill each other so that ther is no body except you or some other catastrphic nature happens or willl happen. Do yu hink the sun would still cme out the next day in the East? Yu beter believe it. that is what it means to "know" somcold ething. that virusses aor germs caise a cold or flu is not of that category. Let me summarize: We do not know what causes the comon cold. Is that surprsing? I think not. But what I am going to say now IS. We do not kow anything!

May be the above is in bad taste. I am siply saying that the doctors argument does not sit well with me although it has some plausibility but it s certainly missing something. You should be ablew tto grant me that much.

It is late, I will fix the mistakes and continue later.


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