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Internal fincancing


I wrote this articlel for the independent small business owner. There are millions of small business owners in the USA. My objective from this articel is not what you would normally expect. I am not going to show you how to make a lot of money fast but instead how to make some money slowly or rather how to save some money using Internal Financing. And this is quite opposite to what they teach you in Harvard or other business schools. Also there are many gurus that have get rich quick schemes that are shown on TV  and there are many other programs sold in the form of books and magazines or 'Reports'. All those schemes are designed to make you rich fast no matter what the cost. This cannot be good by any measure whatsoever since if you have to kill or over exert yourseelf while getting rich, then that cannot be good by any standard. That can also be risky and can bring about the end of your career. There are many factors at work here and I will analyse them as we go along. But the focus of this article is not using external funds to finance or grow your business. External funds are the funds that you use from other people or a bank or a local or state agency or the federal govcernment. It is almost taken for granted that a business needs funds to grow or expand. In fact, it is considred good to use OPM (other peoples' money) and is supposedly a sign of strength and growth that you are using other peoples' money. If you follow this approach the questoion is how much of OPM are you going to amass and use.  Remember the old Law of Diminishing Returns? No matter how big or successful you are or your company or even a government, you can only use so much of OPM. All companies and entities still try to get to the point of paying all back and then use their own funds. So even while borrowing, the goal is to get all paid and be in the black. Another troublesome question is that if you are going to use OPM  what growth size you are trying to reach and then supposedly stop. These nagging questions tell me that there is something wrong with the OPM approach. It is even worse. Let us say you have used OPM ( How much and at what rate?) and have achieved your growth objective or the revenue objective or whatever objective. So what do you do now? Let us say that you have even paid out all OPM and nothig is due now. Are you going to go ahead and make new objectives and start using OPM again? How far are we going to go this time around? When does this stop. Of course we cannot stop! We start all over again or we do not even finish the old objectives and start all over again wiith new ones or modify the old ones. That is why all companies and governments are getting bigger and bigger and constantly shuffling their goals and divisions and the organisation of their labor force and other reasources. But not necessarily more profitable. Indeed, some of them become so large that they are clearly not manageable and must be rescued every time with yet more OPM and there is no end to this. In fact, entire countries are in serious trouble and governments at all levels are in trouble. Does anybody even think of the reason? It is simple. The need/desire to grow fast and make quick money at all levels. The idea is that one can borow the money needed and then invest it and 'return' the money quickly with interest and have a lot left over as profit. The idea is that if you borrow the money and invest it as opposed to spend it, you are certain to make enough to pay back the interest and have a profit let over. It never occurs to any business investor that the funds owners do not invest their money in a business venture and so can keep all the the money the business will generate? The reason? The funds owners are smart. They know that each investment in business is built on the principle of anticipation of demand. If the anitcipation is wrong we have failures and layoffs! But the investors' money has to to be returned. The investors' interest is a smaller percentage rate but it is independent of the ups and downs of business. The funds owners do not want the vagaries of business. They do not want any risk! And Remember, not all business investment is going to succeed. It simply cannot. It is one or another form of the law of dimisnishing returns. There is something wrong with OPM. It is being used by the banks with disastrous consequences for business and the body economique of any country. If it was OK, why do we talk about getting in the black and balancing anything. Why can't we do it endlessly? There has to be something WRONG.

In this article I will attemopt to show that there are ways around this and you do not have to be the success stories of JP morgan/Dale Carnegie and a hnadnful of others to be called successful. These storiess are used by seminar selling/hawking prople and the fact that they were able to do what they did does not by any stretech of imagination mean that every body can and will do that. That is phyically impossible and no amout of positiviy and other Rah-Rah scheme is going to get you there. That is simply because all of the success stories depend on selling something to others and doing a good job of it. Obviously not all can be selling somethig and becoming a sucess. Then who is buyying and with what money? do you see what i mean? 

Of course, if you are persistent enough you could probably get to your objective but is that worth it? I question the approach of giving your all just to get your business objectives. There are other very woth while objectives. Above all the comfort and quiet enjoyment are fundamental. Otherwise, what are you killing yourself for? 

My solution to quiet enjoyment and sucessful living is Internal Financing and the objective is to show that OPM should only be for special projects that must be self liquidating and must come to an end, a succesful end or this approach is nothing more than a recipe for unhappiness and failure. This approach above all should be followed by governments at all level. But ofcourse, it is futile to expect that. That is not happening. The government debts and business debt will continue to expand at all levels. Budgets will never balance and both the tax rates and the absolute amount of tax collected will continue to increase.

Now that you know what the focus here is, we will develop this argument more finely and in the process you will see that there is still room for you to make a small fortune very quietly and that there is no need to be the next JP Morgan or whoever those big shots supposedly were or are. You can define your own success and be in it at any time instead of struggling for it.

We will also examine the far reaching consequences of our approach if followed universally.

I will attempt to show that you can be successful quietly at a much lowe level but a more relaxed level and be quietly enjoing your modest but fullfilling wherewithal while enjoying every minute of your business instead of spending hours and months on arranging funds for your business in creative ways.    


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