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In this artticle I will examine some of the practices that USTA follows which are basically no different than any other large business. There is no particular system in this article. I will just examine what I see. But that is all my personal viewes and thoughts. What I am basically trying to say is that like any big busiess they are not looking to get you value for your dollar as you might see but that they are looking for their eceonomic dominace and control like any ther business. What my impression is that they could provide a better value given the new technological advances and cost savings that they introduce each year but the prices never seem to reflect any cost savings being passed to the customers. This is true of almost all large companies. I sometime wonder what is going on with those technological advances. What are they bringing me. Food is more, inspite of great improvemnets in transportation and distribution systems, phone service is more inspite of sattelites and myriads of other breakthroughs, internet service is more with each year. The list goes on ...The property tax is more each year. How many more pens and pencils they need in schools? How many scissors, glue bottles and tape dispensers do the students need? Is that helping them read and write? Why do they need to learn how to make calages? Is any and everything a piece of art. Indeed what is art?

These are only some of the things that I will be examining here. I said there was not going to be any system.

We will start with water at twe US open.

I am not talking about bringing water inside the show. I can understand that if that is what they are going to do on their property. But what about about if somebody is selling water at the mets willet station? Is that their property too? I saw  a man selling water on the board walk just ouside the train station. The offical told him he coukld  not sell water there. Was she within her rights to do that? I do not know. It did bother me.  Saw one concession stand with over priced food and water and they were not that busy either. Is the USTA using cheap tricks to extend their monoploy and consolidating their position by using their superior position and control. Is thisi what all big business going to do. I have news for them. You may get somebody elses dollar but you are not going to see mine. I will never ever even go to the US Open.

I also saw that they had a tape running saying over and over that all tckets were sold and yet when I see on the TV the much touted sold arenas are mostlly empty. They had a charge even to see the match on the outisde TVs. Is this how you popularize your sport? Is that  not a long term turn off? It is for me, most certainly. And those memorabilia they were selling. I hardly saw any body buying the schedule that was $20.0! I have a few questions for those that were buying this stuff. How long are you going to keep those. Untill I suppose they put you in your grave. But then someday they will end up in the trash pile. Do not you think it would be beter to spend those $20.00 on a  nice meal in Manhattan? I mean I just want to know the schedule and not a fancy booklet that has no use beyond the day after. Just a simple piece of paper with who is playing who would be enough and when. And it should be free!. It is just a piece of paper! But the public is smart. I did not see anybody buying at those stands that were selling those overpriced items.

Conclusion. Buy something that brings enjoyment here and now and not something that is just going to end up on the trash heep one day after you are gone or better yet pay a bill. Of course if you have a lot of money think of the day when somebody will have cheated you out of all your money and you are sick somehere. If not then by all means burn your money!

Also think about this. What if you did not go to the tennis or football match that you wanted to see? Would you be sick? Would your food stop going down? Will somebody stop visting you if you did not? ( not to speak of the fact that they are not very good freineds if they do in the first place.). I mean I do not undrstand a deprivation of this kind does what damage? Well, I have missed all of them and I do not feel anyhting. I am not diminished in any way. Who is?

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