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The Fundamental Reason We Use Credit Cards


This may look like a pretty innocuous subject but it has far reaching implications and has a complex web of motivating and initiating forces and counter forces.


But I will show that it has one fundamental cause and that is our very nature and is very difficult to analyse and it becomes very personal and philosophical.


A lot of persons may strongly disagree with the anylysis presented herein. But I am not trying to change anybody or make anybody better. I could not care less and have no such desire or inclination. The purpose is simply to present an anaylysis and nothing is expected except some financial consideration. Nothing is being said about beliefs or opinions. It is all purely analytical and should make sense since nothing is being based on any assumptions that come from a system of thought or belief. It is just simple common sense such as "more of anything useful is better if it is not violating any rules in place or causing any visible or other perceived or unperceived disadvantage to anybosdy else.. So onwards and upwards!



Remark 1


If you had to use credit cards to charge problems beyond your control such as health and related reasons then the following analysis will probably not apply to you. Please make the approprite changes to the argument and your situation so that the analysis may have some semblance of plausibility.


So why do we want to buy something on credit?

There are many reasons and some of them have to do with our very nature/character. Some of these items may be distrurbing to you but they may also show you what to do about your situation and it is probably better advice compared to what you might get from a credit counselor.


I will start by posing some questions and making some observations for lack of a better approach that I can think of.

So why do we need to buy a new car? Why don't we buy a good used one and not take the payments on? Is there a shame to driving a few years older model?

Why do I need a new suit or Clothing icon, when the closets are bursting at the seams?

Why am I eating at Red Lobster when I could make a good wholesome meal at home? By the way, cooking and taking your time is also relaxing and so may help reduce your blood pressure too!

Why do I need the latest TV and a huge one at that? Do you see what they are doing to you?

Why am I going to the grocery store when there is food in the freezer and the fridge and a cupboard full of cans? Why am I buying a whole bunch of other items when all I need is milk and bread?





Why do I buy new videos and games? Here is what I thought. Did you ever see the movie 'Matrix' and many other variations of it. The scenes change so rapidly and the movie moves at such a terrible lick that I could not figure out what was being done to who and why? And the scenes? They jump back and forth with such rapidity without any apparent coherence. They told me you have to supply mentally or understand what is not shown so they do not look incoherent. I have an idea. Why don't I "assume" and "understand" the whole thing as soon as I know of the title (it does not matter what you assume or understand) and then not even watch it and just assume that I have seen it and then do not have to even buy it!! Do you know something? I don't.

You see, this is where it gets hairy, very murky and controversial. I hope you can read on.



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