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We had to disable this feature. People were abusing this feature. You would think that after all those prophets, moralists, philosophers, reformers, priests and preachers ...and what not ....the humans would have learned somethng about "decent" behavior...NO...does not work that way. ..Humans are the only animals that deteriorate over time ...( by the way the real animals stay the same over time...they behave the smae over time..unlike the humans, as you can test...! ) but very subtly as witness the young urchin that learns two things about the internet and then hacks into a computer system and demands a ransom..thinks he is very bright and does not know that, that is just criminal behavior... and nothing to be proud of but rather to be ashamed of... it never occurs to him that it is just simple old stealing and banditry but with a new spin it becomes something to be proud of...you see grown men and women doing the smae stuff but each has their own spin..and that is what I meant when I said they only deteriorate over time..just don't know it..but they can't run too far ..they all get caught over time as you well know and put to great shame but then continue the same thing and the ones coming after them are also doing the same thing all over again.. that is what I call deterioration...instead this guy thinks that he is showing some kind of prowess and great  intelligence.. no sir, you are very mistaken...your retribution is on its way and you can't stop it...you will be stopped sooner or later ..they all were...and they send me sex trafficking information that they should be sending to their own kind that need it...I never needed it....


To contact us call (651)251-8705 but that line is for orders only...! Have a credit card and item part number ready or else don't even bother.....!

This feature had to be disabled!


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